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I am starting a new series. And I am going to share ( Alright, I’ll try atleast) one new outfit every single day. 

Let me know what you think of this new series.?

Why just an outfit and no write up? Because writing something just for sake of it, does no good. And afterall fashion is best explained in visuals, right? 

Hell I am not even going to change title of the new post. It’ll be just onetime. OOTD that’s it. 
I know Google Gods won’t be happy with that, but that’s okay I am not expecting Google to send me any love. 

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When You Look Great You Feel Great

Whoever said, “Clothes make the man” was right.

And what you have to realise is people judge by appearances, and if you’re badly dressed, they will judge you negatively.

The fact is, you could be a millionaire with movie star looks but if you’re dressed poorly, no one will pay you a second glance.

The opposite is also true, and what you need to understand is that clothes equal power.

Dressing a certain way can create a favourable impression in someone’s mind. And no matter what it is you want, a promotion, date or entrance to that swanky club, dressing right can get it for you.

Sadly, very few men understand this, let alone how to dress well.

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Our Capsule Wardrobe guide can help you LOOK GREAT.


And when you FEEL GREAT, great things happen in your life.

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